we make electric
vehicle charging
super easy.

we make electric
vehicle charging
super easy.

easily facilitates the reduction of CO2 emissions granting access to more attractive external charging options.

The comprehensive solution combines the rental of (semi-) private charging points and optimizes infrastructure utilization especially in multi-homes and company buildings.

The efficient usage of existing charging and energy infrastructure as a critical lever to drive EV adoption – especially in urban areas


charging, a great experience?

…nearly as easy as with the own wallbox!

The easily App provides access to (semi-) private charging stations, ideally where cars are parked anyways.

An entirely new approach offers full planability, cost transparency and simple in-app payment based on the exact energy and time consumed.

High demand helps to establish additional charging sites.
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renting out a charging station?

easily enables charging point owners to offer charging with a fully automated system and monthly payoffs.

Once connected via LAN, WiFi or LTE, charging stations can be onboarded to the easily backend. After setting the pricing scheme and availability, the charging park can be shared with others.

Charging parks with limited energy capacity benefit from an integrated load management system. It prevents peak loads managing charging stations of all makes, ideally for multi-homes or companies.



All charging stations with an OCPP interface and backend functionality, like KEBA, go-e, Fronius, Mennekes etc.  

If you want to be 100% sure, please send us your make and model via the contact form and we’ll come back to you

First, follow the instructions of your respective charging station to connect your wallbox with WiFi (typically via a Mobile App using Bluetooth or WiFi connection – depending on your model). Once the charging station is online, you can insert your individual token to connect the charging station to the easily backend. 

Our first test market for launching the Beta-App is in the city of Graz, since we have a good network here. For the official easily App launch we’ll focus on Austria and grow our market coverage step by step.

Please fill in the form for electric vehicle users indicating the specific charging demand. We’ll collect requests and once a region will be served, we’ll come back with more details.

customer insight

Emma Wanderer Campus Hieflau is a beautiful remote working spot with tiny houses and a campsite located in the wild nature of the Austrian Gesäuse – an ideal charging park in a rural area.

Close to the main building, the „Club house“ with a nice bistro, there are 4 KEBA charging stations with 22kW each. The connection is established via a WiFi enabling to apply the easily static load management to avoid peak loads. A local photovoltaics systems delivers up to 38 kW peak to power vehicles directly with locally produced energy.