Easily App

First, follow the instructions of your respective charging station to connect your wallbox with WiFi (typically via a Mobile App using Bluetooth or WiFi connection – depending on your model). Once the charging station is online, you can insert your individual token to connect the charging station to the easily backend. 

Unfortunately, once you have ended your charging process, there is currently no way for you to restart it.

All charging stations with an OCPP interface and backend functionality, like KEBA, go-e, Fronius, Mennekes etc.  

If you want to be 100% sure, please send us your make and model via the contact form and we’ll come back to you

Our first test market for launching the Beta-App is in the city of Graz, since we have a good network here. For the official easily App launch we’ll focus on Austria and grow our market coverage step by step.

Please fill in the form for electric vehicle users indicating the specific charging demand. We’ll collect requests and once a region will be served, we’ll come back with more details.